Kitchen Aid (842116643) KCDB250G ½ HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal Review

July 9, 2018 0 By AdminG

What comes to your mind when you think of garbage disposals for the kitchen sink? And more importantly, what are the things you look for when it comes to garbage disposals? There might be many answers for these questions, so keep your answers for these two questions in mind when reading this product guide for the Kitchen Aid ½ HP disposal.

The entire purpose for a garbage disposal for the kitchen is very much solitary: it is to prevent you from needing to throw certain foodstuffs into the trash and instead shredding it in the disposal. Convenience is the key word here, wish saving time being the result. A garbage disposal makes life easier in the kitchen by saving all kinds of time throwing foodstuffs away.

Features of the Kitchen Aid ½ HP

Keeping the goals of convenience and saving time in mind, the Kitchen Aid ½ HP disposal offers the following. The motor operates at 1725 RPM which makes it possible to grind effectively. This means if there is something big that needs to be shredded, the Kitchen Aid ½ HP can accomplish this and the material will be shredded to where it will go through the piping without much resistance. It is also connected to an electrical switch, which makes it safe to use as you can just link it to a wall switch to operate instead of using a switch on the unit itself. Lastly, the motor contains ½ horsepower, where most other garbage disposals run at ¼ horsepower.

What to watch out for with the Kitchen Aid ½ HP

The Kitchen Aid ½ HP is a fantastic appliance. But no appliance is perfect. Here are some things to watch out for that may deter you from getting one installed in your home.

The first thing involves the motor. As mentioned previously, most garbage disposals run at ¼ horsepower. While it is nice that the Kitchen Aid ½ HP runs at twice as much horsepower, it may take users some time to get used to a disposal that is twice as powerful. It is the same with the speed of the motor. The Kitchen Aid ½ HP is slightly faster than most other garbage disposals and like with the horsepower, it can take users some getting used to.

Why you should get a Kitchen Aid ½ HP installed in your home

Besides the fact that it is faster and more powerful than most other garbage disposals, the Kitchen Aid ½ HP has more features that make it worth ordering and installing. Users have reported that it is much more quiet than other garbage disposals, and is also easier to install than most other disposals as well. Another good quality of the Kitchen Aid ½ HP is the flexibility of its installation. Users say that if you are replacing an old disposal with the Kitchen Aid ½ HP, it can attach onto the previous mounting hardware. This saves money and time on replacing the mounting hardware.