InSinkErator Garbage Disposal Series Reviews

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InSinKErator Garbage Disposal Evolution Series have been well-developed in many aspects of customers demands, each of them is designed for specific use of customers.

Insinkerator Review

Feed Operation

There are two typical type feed operations: Batch Feed and Continuous Feed units.

Most of InSinKErator Garbage Disposal are continuous operation, expect the Evolution Cover Control Plus is design as batch feed with magnetic cover control.


There are two primary options of Horse Power of InSinKErator Garbage Disposal with 2 remarkable series that is major in this market.

1 HP and 3/4 HP: dominated by InSinKErator Evolution Series, which provide a powerful in grinding ability as well as the longevity of the units. These units have exceptional performance that can convince most of customers in every aspects.

1/2 HP and 1/3 HP: dominated by InSinKErator Badger Series: have great considerations in the market due to it quality and cost efficiency. These badgers can serve you well for a long time with a fast powerful and quiet operation.


InSinKErator Garbage Disposal is designed in wide range variation in size. This biggest disposer (Evolution Septic Assist Garbage Disposal) is known as having over 16 inches in height and 14 inches in width. The smallest one with real compact size is around 12 inches in height (Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal) and 7 inches in width (Badger 5 Garbage Disposal).

Therefore, if you have more space, take the bigger one; there is more space for you to grinding your food waste.

If you need a compact size, take the smaller one. They are still powerful enough to have a great service in your kitchens.


Stainless steel is primary material in InSinkErator Evolution Series design. All of InSinkErator Evolution Garbage Disposal possess stainless steel grinding components and most grinding chamber as well. Stainless steel makes units more endurable and efficient in grinding up food wastes.

Galvanized Steel is a less expensive alternative material, applied to InSinkErator Badger Series. It is mainly used in every parts of the machines, help it have a rigid construction for longevity and sustainability in use.

Grind Stages

InSinKErator Garbage Disposal basically have 3 grind stages.

GrindShear Ring feature: food waste is first cycle against the surface of the Ring. The particles was force to pass through small windows. This is the place where waste is sheared into smaller particles.

Tri – action Lug System: feature in both fix and swivel lugs to help dry particles finer than swivel alone and the load configuration propel water through the grind chamber helping to grind it clean.

Undercutter Disk: cut the food waste the third times, prevent clogging by cutting it into even smaller particles.

Moreover, in InSinKErator Evolution Excel Garbage Disposal, jams sensor will automatically increase torque to break down even the most stubborn jams before you know there is a problems.

Auto-Reverse grind system technology: automatically reverse grinding direction help prevent jams and clogging efficiently.

Sound-seal Technology

This technology has been proven that make InSinkErator Garbage Disposal being silenter 60% than other standard models.

The sink baffle design helps to create a thin water layer to prevent sound escaping from the throat of disposer.

An-viration Mount and Tailpipes: help prevent sound transmission through viration by encushioning with rubber.

Multi-layer SoundLimitter Insulation: insulate the noise from motor which assist you can have a normal conversations when diposer is running.


The InSinkErator Garbage Disposal are well-known as the easiest installation disposers. They have Quick Lock Sink Mount system which you just need to twist off the old one and then twist on the new units. Most of their units is the same size to get replacement to each others.

Dishwasher Connection

All of models of InSinkErator Garbage Disposal are recommemded using with the Dishwasher machine. Its tailpipe system is designed to get best fit with normal drain connection of Dishwasher Machine.

Special Features:

There are special model that is design for unique feature that serve best for your specific demands. Which are:

Tri-grind stage: Which is only assemble with InSinkErator Evolution Excel. This is the best technique to grind up food waste without any worry about the endurance as well as jams or clogging.

Features Bio-Charge® Injection Technology: this unique feature is assemble to Evolution Septic Assist Garbage Disposal, which is not just only grinding up food waste but also automatically treating it with natural bio-enzyme to break down starches, proteins, grease, and fat. It is also contain some citrus scent to control over the odor inside sinks and drains.

Magnetic cover start activation: This feature is applied to InSinkErator Evolution Cover Control Plus Garbage Disposal, a batch feed unit. This feature make the unit only activate when ever you put down the cover in place in the sink mount, which is efficient to against the unexpecting jams or clogging by drop down inappropriate things to your disposer. This is one of the most advanced feature of batch feed operation on the market.
Other Details

Warranty: Depend on models you purchase, the warranty is ranged from 2 to 7 years In-Home Full Service, Which cover all parts and labors.

Average Water Usage (from manufacture): from 1/4 to 1 Gallon Per Person Per Day; depend on models.

Average Electrical Usage (from manufacture): from 3-4 KWH to 6 KWH per Year; depend on models.

Prices: Starting around $70 to $330, respectively.