Insinkerator Evolution Compact Review

July 7, 2018 0 By AdminG

ue to the type of work I do, I’m often descended upon by friends and family asking me for advice on what the latest trends are in kitchen design. I’m also asked about the best type of appliances that will make life easier in the kitchen, among them garbage disposals.

On one particular sunny afternoon it was my family’s turn to hold the weekly summer barbeque. The usual suspects showed up with a few new boyfriends and girlfriends (you know how teenagers can be) and I was minding my own business while fighting with a particularly stubborn and rather sizeable piece of steak, when I overheard what sounded like a heated conversation.

The Garbage Disposal Dispute

Upon closer eavesdropping, I realized it was my best friend and his wife. Although they were not quite at the throwing hot-dog buns stage in their discussion, it was clear that my friend’s wife was not very happy about their current garbage disposal unit (which, incidentally, was already installed when they moved into their home).

I heard snippets from Mandy like “when you turn the darn thing on, you have to nail the crockery down”! And, “it’s like having a helicopter in the house”! Being the good friend that I am, I left the stubborn steak to its own devices so I could try and help out.

I casually wondered over to them and asked how they were. Their “conversation” came to an abrupt stand-still and they turned on the smiles telling me they were just fine. However, it wasn’t long before the side glances started so I asked what was going on. I kind of wish I hadn’t because Mandy immediately told me exactly what she thought of their current garbage disposer.

The InSinkErator Evolution Compact to the Resque

After she had run out of breath, I told her I might be able to help. This got her attention and she asked how. I then proceeded to tell them all about the InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP Garbage Disposer, because it was obvious that noise and vibration were the main issues with their current unit.

Best Features:

  • SoundSeal Technology – This garbage disposal is equipped with anti-vibration features and advanced sound insulation. When compared to a standard garbage disposal, it is significantly quieter.
  • MultiGrind Technology – The Evolution Compact is ready and willing to tackle food waste that you wouldn’t put in a standard disposer. The unit has two separate grinding chambers to ensure that food waste is ground down to a fine pulp.
  • Large Capacity Grinding Chamber – The grinding chamber of the Compact measures a hefty 34.6 oz, which means that it is capable of handling large batches of food with ease. Because all of its grinding components are made from premium stainless steel, you can guarantee that it is going to last you many years to come.
  • DuraDrive Technology – The Compact’s induction motor is one of the most powerful motors available for non-commercial garbage disposers. When equipped with InSinkErator’s patented DuraDrive technology, as it is here, it becomes a force to be reckoned with.
  • Compact, Spacesaver Design – There is no reason to have a big, bulky disposal take up all of your under sink cabinet space.  The Evolution Compact has a small, space saving footprint in your cabinet.