InSinkErator Badger 5 Review

July 7, 2018 0 By AdminG

InSinkErator Badger 5, 1/2 HP Food Waste Disposer has been the best selling garbage disposer in for a long time. The bagder line offers a wallet friendly solution for waste disposal.

The 1/2 HP motor is more than capable of perfectly juicing organic wastes like fruit peels, vegetables, meat and even small bones. It uses a single-phase Dura-Drive induction motor and is capable of running at a speed of 1725 RPM. The single stage grinding system with two rotating hammers delivers enough crushing power to liquefy most household wastes.


  • Quick lock sink mount, this enables you to mount your unit easy and fast.
  • ½ HP Durra-Drive induction motor, this is a powerful and also a heavy duty motor which gives you a powerful and fast grinding.
  • 26-ounce grind chamber, this gives you enough space to dispose of your food wastes. It is usually suitable for a small family.
  • An inlet connection for your dishwasher, this helps you to quickly connect the unit to the dishwasher.
  • A jam-buster wrench, this is what you use to release a jam when your disposal gets jammed.
  • Made using stainless steel materials.

Let’s look at some of the best features that are making this product to be a great waste disposer.

Parts Made of Stainless Steel

When you take a close look at the grinding parts of the Badger 5, you will notice that they are made from a premium stainless steel. This usually comes with a lot of advantage. The first one being, products made from stainless steel always last for long hence serving you for long too. The other benefits you get from stainless steel is that it is always resistant to corrosion, heat change and also chemical damage.

DuraDrive Technology

This is the kind of technology used in designing this product’s ¾ HP induction motor. The power of this motor can even be felt just by turning it on and the powerful vibration can also be felt when the grinding chamber kicks into gear.

The Quick Lock Technology

This locking mechanism is always unique thus it makes it simple for the users to remove and install a new InSinkErator unit. With this kind of locking mechanism, you can always do the installation yourself hence there will be no need of calling a professional plumber to do the installation for you. With this, you can always save yourself that money you were going to pay for the plumber. This technology is also very much compatible with other waste disposal units. Basically, this technology was designed to help the users to have a quick and easy installation experience.

The InSinkErator Grind Technology

The badger 5 usually made with the company’s top secret of patented one stage grind technology. This usually includes a grind shear ring that helps in grinding the tough foods. Since the food waste is somehow liquefied, it will facilitate a smooth flow through your sewage system hence reducing the chances of clogging.

Manufacturer Warranty

The badger 5 always comes with a two-year warranty which covers in-home parts and labor service. This is a limited warranty which always includes material or any mechanical defects. If any part is damaged, or the unit is not functioning as it is supposed to, the company will repair it or replace it for you. Everything will be done at your home totally free of charge.

Noise Level

The badger 5 might not be the quietest disposal unit but am sure the friendly price it has can be used to cover for that. For those who would want a quieter disposer, you should consider going for the higher quality units which will probably cost more but will have a bigger horsepower. However, when you look at most of the reviews by the users, you will notice that most of them are still pleased with the noise level and they said the unit is fairly quiet.