Garbage disposal cleaner

Garbage Disposal Cleaner

How to clean garbage disposals for normal use.

Garbage disposal cleanerIf you are actually want to find great way to clean up your garbage disposal schedule without having to spend time to prepare for it. In this article, I will show you how to make your garbage disposal cleaner with just 1 time preparation and can use it multiple times. This should be great if you can share these tricks to your friends and people you love to.


– Lemons

– Liquid vinegar

– Ice cube tray

– A bridge

What first is first! You need to slice you lemons as small as possible to put it into the ice-cube tray with some extra space surround it. Make sure it is not too small. The idea slices should be one piece of lemons in one cube to make a perfect garbage disposal cleaner.

Next, fill ice cube tray with liquid vinegar. This step is quite easy right? I just want you notice that the perfect ice cube should have about 80% of lemon surround by freeze vinegar. If your ratio does not match at the first time. Don’t worry. It is still helpful, and you can get better in the next time. Just try to get a perfect match ratio.

The final most important step: Using your refrigerator to freeze your ice-cube tray. Yes, easiest and the most important! I guess you cannot finish it without your freezer right!!

Now, your garbage disposal cleaner is ready.

Gentle Turn on your lovely garbage disposal.

Release your cold water down to garbage disposal. This step is quite important, and I just want to remind you that you should never use your garbage disposal when it is dry. This is small but very important for the longevity of your unit.

Now, put down 3-4 your precious ice cubes of vinegar and lemon slices into the garbage disposal unit each time you want to clean up and save the rest cubes for your next time.

Depend on the amount of household garbage disposal that you have to grind up daily. You can clean up your unit 1 or 2 times per week. So basically, for a normal tray of ice cube, you can use it for 1 month.

This method is quite easy to apply and save plenty of your time. You don’t have to spend time for preparation before cleaning up your units. 1 preparation of garbage disposal cleaner can be used for months (if you use more than 1 cube tray). Besides, this not just clean up and de-odor your units, the ice cube also help sharpen garbage disposal grinder.

If you really love it you can use it more frequent if you want (1 – 2 times/weeks).

Garbage Disposal Cleaner for intensive use

The method above should be very good if using frequently. You don’t have to worry about the stinky smells and bacterial defect. But if it has already happened, you will need to bold your way to clean up your unit. There is a good way for this purpose. If you are interested in, why not take a look on it.


  • Ice cubes
  • Limes or lemons
  • Baking soda
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Sea salt
  • A kettle of hot-water
  • An old toothbrush or spoon

Warning: never use ammonia, bleach, or abrasive cleaners. It will have bad effect to anti-corrosion material, especially stainless steel.

Now are you ready? Here we go

  • Scatter a half of cup of baking soda.
  • Pull down 1 cup of white vinegar.
  • Wait for 1-2 minutes before pouring boiling water to the grain.
  • Put down 2 cups of ice along with 4 cups of salt, rock salt will be better.
  • Turn on your garbage disposal and wait until your ice is disappeared.
  • Cut your lime or lemon in half, feed your disposer to clean and deodorize your drain completely.

This method of using garbage disposal cleaner is quite intensive and takes a little longer than the previous. However, it is truly helpful if there is critical problems in sanitation of garbage disposal. You should not use it frequent if not necessary; because as I said before, it can harm the anti-corrosion material inside of disposers when using it without moderation. Using this with once 1 or 2 months is a perfect schedule.

One More Critical Warming: 

If you possess a garbage disposal, your manufacture may say that never using hot water while grinding food waste with your disposer. That’s true. You know why? Because some food substance or fat, grease can be stuck to your disposer, when mixing with hot water. However, it is perfectly acceptable running hot water into the drain after using disposal. That’s why the hot water is acceptable for this intensive method.

In conclusion, I have been introducing to you 2 methods of cleaning up your garbage disposal; one can use regularly within 1 week, the other for intensive cleaning. I believe that these 2 methods will have great contribution to keeping your kitchen always light and shine. There are other useful information of garbage disposal installation and maintenance in GD Reviews.

If you want to get a garbage disposal for your kitchen, you may want to check our best garbage disposal review in 2017. We also make comparison table for Waste King and InsinkErator branch on our website. I hope that it can assist you as a great reference.

Thank you for your time with my article.

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