Garbage disposal, things should be considered for choosing your best garbage disposal

Thing should be considered for choosing your best garbage disposal

garbage disposalIf you landed on this page, that means you are looking for some things; that help you to get your best garbage disposal in your own demands. The next following conceptions will definitely have you find it.

Batch or Continuous feed operation:

Batch feed disposal: safe and non-convenient.

There are reasons that batch feed operation still has places in food waste disposal. 

In batch feed operation, disposal will grind up the waste in batch with a stopper or cover. This part helps prevent undesired waste like spoons, knives, or other things drop into it suddenly.

It will be extremely helpful if you do not have a lot of household garbage; and consider getting the safe first, especially for your kids; Preventing jam and unwanted clogging with inappropriate stuff stuck in your disposal.

However, in a long way run, batch feed garbage disposal is not appropriate. That is the time when your kids have grown up, your family growth bigger; or in an occasional party, people are coming and your garbage chamber is full.

There are always better to have a reservation for upcoming events, not just in your disposals.

Besides, batch feed operation also earns from you some extra-bucks. That means it will cost you more than the continuous feed with fewer capacities, power, and time-spend for the same usage.

That’s why batch feed disposals are not so common as the continuous feed operations. 

However, if you really enjoy batch feed operation. You may want to view these models as strong efforts of manufactures. If your priorities are securing and reducing the inconvenience, then this kind of operation disposals is best fit for you.

Continuous feed operation: a little bit less safe but far more convenient.

Continuous operation is far more convenient than batch feed disposals. It is original from whenever being turned on, grinding up all of your food waste as you pull down on it.

It is obviously that in this operation, you will resolve a large of amounts of food waste in a lesser time; keep everything under right-away processes, rather than waiting until the chamber is full in a batch feed disposal.

But everything will go with pros and cons. There is a leak on the safety of this operation. That is the properly chance to drop some unexpected things like spoons, knives, forks, other things rather than food wastes.

The consequences of this problem can lead to a proper damage, clogging of disposals; before you can turn it off. 

Fortunately, this only happened when you turn it on. That means you can control this leak through the way you’re working. For example, you can make a “secure area” whenever you turn your machine on, carefully checking your waste before grinding it up.

Because you do not turn it on all the time, so you can control it while working with your kitchen and take an extra-care if your kids have been playing around.

And then the way this kind of disposals working will not be a big issue for your family along with its greatly efficient contribution for your lovely kitchens.

It is reasonable when this operation is highly common purchased compare with the batch feed one, but the choice is right in your hands.

If you still consider batch feed more than continuous operation, you may want to check out this review for most efficient ones as many as I see.

If you make your choice with continuous garbage disposal, there are several models that may fit your demand in different priorities.  


In this section, the only thing you may want concern is whether there is enough space under your sink to fit with your disposal or not.

You should take an estimate in measuring or an even an accurate one makes no need unexpected issues after purchasing.

Most of the manufactures have done great in designing of their garbage disposal to get the best fit with the common sinks, and in some models, they even get more power with lesser spaces, too. So, if you are looking for a powerful disposal in the compact size, you may want to check our top-pick units to see that whether they could fit in your references or not.

Types of waste.

The most typical problems of unsatisfied units of disposals. They are unable to manage to grind up some food waste that you think it should be, or maybe struggle to do it.

This is original from not taking – a fully understanding of the capacity of each model is designed for specific usage.

For example, you may take a model that is capable of grinding up bones. But there are different kinds of bone like chicken, is much easier to be ground up than steak bones, or maybe it can grind a certain amount of bones each time as your fulling down rather than many of them.

In my reviews, I will try to figure out more specific as I can to each model, to give you better performance descriptions.

Thus, it will rather help you explore fully each model feature and how to use it best for a longest usage.

There are models that can work well in above ten or fifteen years, beyond its warranty if it is in use in proper ways.

If you got some “bone” trouble, you may want to check out some of the best models for “bone” problems; or some hints to the outcome it with your current disposal.


There are 2 typical HP (Horse Power) options that common in garbage disposal markets.

½ HP model is usually cheap and good at handling some small stuff like meat, fish, vegetable. However, it will get struggle to swallow citrus peel or even small bones.

If you really enjoin taking models at this size of powers, you should not have a lot of household garbage and need to take an extra-time to take care of your own hard stuff.

That is necessary to maintain your garbage disposal serve you best for a long time.

1 HP option is the most common in garbage disposal models. Since at this size of power, your garbage disposal can handle most of the hard stuff like bones, fruit skins and so on.

We strongly recommended this power option because it can help you ready for most of everything.

We think that it is always better to let the machine handle most of everything if you choose to pay for it. And we will help you to pick what fits most with your demands.

However, it is still good if you can handle the hard stuff, keep the machine work well and save a bunch of money with ½ HP option.

There are also some models that lie in the middle lines between ½ and 1 HP like ¾ HP or 1/3 HP for your specific needs. Check it out in our comparison table here.  

Grind stages

Now garbage disposal has different grind stages that serve you best in resolving food waste; but also adding some reasonable prices.

It is obviously the more grind stages the less concern in jam or clogging, but it takes more time to finish its job.

Stage 1

The first basic grind stage is basic the same in all models of garbage disposal. It helps to cut the food waste to as small as possible and pulls it down the sewage system or septic tanks.

It also needs a lot of water for a grinding process to take food waste to go through the pipes.

Most of the models that only have 1 grinding stage will work well with most of the food wastes, but if you want to deal with more stubborn “enemies” you should need more stages.

Stage 2

The second stage is aimed to liquefy the food.

This is very useful to reduce the jams, created by the odd of small bones, vegetable, oils; something that hardly to waste in just one stage of grinding.

It is also helpful to reduce the time you need to use for schedule-cleaning; so save you some precious time for other works.

Stage 3

If the models go through this stage, it can smash even rice into powder, and you will benefit from in just a little or even no jams at all.

This stage is designed to deal with fibrous waste and what the other 2 stage miss out. It makes sure everything will run smoothly in a long run.

It is obviously the more stages the better technology and more pricey. If you still really confused that which models are the best suit for your need. You may want to check out our comparison tables for a better “picture”.


Basically, if you pay more, you can get more, but sometimes some extra-bucks will be worth than a hundred dollars. It all depends on what you really need and what you can be affordable to buy.

Garbage disposal prices are ranged from above $60 to $400 more or less at the time I was writing this review.

With many people, they love to purchase the unit that below $100 units. It is really good at revolving around some soft food wastes like meats, fish bones, fruit, vegetable.

Some can grind up the harder bones but just in cases. Most of the time, you need to take care the hard stuff yourself.

But more people love to purchase a unit that less than $150. It will give you a great service in most of your demands; without any concern about the installation, noise or clogging if you use it in proper ways.

The additional dollars, you may want to pay for other pricey models are for more grinding states, better material; or new technologies to make no noise even you stand near to it; or keep it more stabilization for the longer time in use.

I have produced a comparison table that will take you for good comparison in what you will get with your “milestones of money.”

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