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Best Garbage Disposal 2017

How to choose the best garbage disposal for your modern kitchens? This type of questions is quite general for everyone who wants to purchase the right one for their own current needs. It is hard to show a typical garbage disposal that can satisfy all of your requests at once. Thus, we suggest our top-pick list of the best garbage disposal in different priorities of usage and hope that you can choose the right one for you. 

garbage disposal

Waste King Garbage Disposal

Waste King is well-known as a branch that possesses the best garbage disposal with affordable prices and high standard qualities. There are different models, which have great features but different in terms of usages. So in this part, we will show you a full review of how distinctive of each model to others and how to choose the right one for you.

garbage disposal

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal

This is a deep review in comparison of pros and cons between models of InSinkErator Garbage Disposal including: Revolution series and badger models. This comparison will bring you a better view that which is the best garbage disposal at the same level of prices of InSinkErator branch.


Comparison Table of Garbage Disposal

This is a collection of the great newest models that has considerable recommendation from many customers about how good they work with their food waste. If you want to get well-known models of the market, you may want to check it.


Foodwaste challenge


Garbage disposal is a unit that helps you to grind up your food waste small enough to get through the sewage systems or septic tanks. It is placed between the sinks and the traps in the kitchen where you can pull down your food waste down to it.

There are 2 basic types of garbage disposals those are batch feed and continuous operations. The most common are continuous units due to its efficiency and convenient to use, where the batch feed one is consider as a safer one.

Now, the development of garbage disposal give the customers more technologies to resolve issues in noise, jam and clogging of these machine as well. They also develop more grind stages to make the machine can endure with more stubborn food wastes and help machine have longer life-time.


In choosing your best garbage disposal for your own demand, you have to consider all of your personal references. And GDs Reviews are here to let you know what is the most important aspects that you need to aware in order to get the right garbage disposal for your own.

And GDs Reviews also come along with advice from previous customers both in pros and cons for each products in comparison as well. I am sure that it will certainly assist you to make a right choice.

Things should be considered for choosing your best garbage disposal

If you are new in this market, so this is a part you may want check for some brief information about what aspect that a great garbage disposal should have in overall. This is just some basic information, if you want more, you can find some helpful things here.

1. Batch or Continuous feed operation


In batch feed operation: 

You will have a disposal with a stopper or cover on it. You will pull down all your food wastes first and then press the button for grinding it. They will not work until you place the cover on it. It is great for your safe.

In continuous operation: 

After switching on, disposals will be running continuously and then you can instantly pull any food wastes you have down to them. Your waste will be grind right away until you get nothing left. Shut it down and you finish.


Batch feed disposal:

  • Safe for your young kids
  • Efficient for small family without a lot of household food waste.
  • Avoid unexpected dropping which can cause critical damage to your garbage disposal

Continuous feed disposals:

  • Fast and efficient in grinding food wastes.
  • Useful in a big family with a lot of household garbage.
  • Have great variation in size, power.
  • Well-developed technologies of grinding up food waste and noise issues.


Batch feed disposal:

  • Take more time for grinding food waste.
  • Not effective in dealing with big family food waste.
  • Quite expensive comparing with the same standard model of continuous disposal

Continuous feed disposal:

  • There is a chance for jams or clogging from unexpected dropping while being running it.
  • Need some water come along with food waste for a good working.

2. Power

There are a lot of options in power  that the manufactures bring to you from 1/3 HP (Horse Power) to 1 HP. The typical models are 1 HP and 1/2 HP but there are other alternatives like 3/4 or 1/3 HP, too.

Due to different technologies that each manufacture use in their brands. The gap of 1 model power and its alternatives is significant or not but usually higher powers will have higher prices.

Depend on your demands, you can choose different options. 1/2 HP garbage disposal is good at soft food wastes like meat, fish but not for bones or stringy vegetables, while 1 HP disposers and most of 3/4 HP can handle bones from chicken to steaks.

Sometimes, 3/4 HP model in one branch can cost you more than 1 HP of the others. This depended on how well-developed technologies that each branch is following up for this kind of machines.

3. Grind stages

Basically, all of garbage disposal have one grind stage to smash the food wastes into as small as possible, before pulling it into the sewage systems or septic tanks. The other grind stages are design to liquefy the food waste in order to prevent jams or clogging for longevity.

The most well-developed garbage disposal as we know is InSinkErator Evolution Excel which have 3 grind stages and 1 HP. This is really a great disposal with almost perfect functions that we  are hardly to find another unit which can compared to it at the same price level.

4. Size

There is a great variation for garbage disposal even in the same brands but the biggest gap is between 1 HP and 1/2 HP models.

1 HP Waste King models always have bigger size in order to have more room for more food wastes. The tallest disposal that I have been experienced is Waste King L-8000 which height is about 16 inches; while the “fattest” one is Evolution Septic Assist with 14 inches width.

1/2 HP InSinkErator models offer a smaller size with typical width around 7 inches and not higher than 13 inches for models I knew until now.

These are some brief information of size of garbage disposal, which means before you want to purchase 1 new item of this kind of machines; an estimated measure or even accurate one is very important to get a right disposer for your own kitchens. 

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