Best Garbage Disposal Reviews 2018

Are you still having problems with clogged food bits as you rinse your plates, pots and plans after a meal?

Well, it’s about time you move on and get yourself the best garbage disposal there is to make your life easier. The idea never sounded better, except for one concern. How exactly would you know which is the best among the rest?

Well, that’s exactly what we’re here for. To guide you in your selection process so you will only choose from the roster of what is hailed as the best garbage disposal. After reading our garbage disposal reviews outlining the pros and cons of each model, you will be successful in finding the perfect model for you.

A Comprehensive Look at the 3 Best Garbage Disposal Reviews

Now there’s no such thing as a perfect product but a look on the average ratings of these best garbage disposals would tell you that they’ve certainly come close. You will note that all products on this top list have an average rating of 4.8 but they are arranged in order of how many reviews they have received from their respective users.

Check out each of their garbage disposal reviews and see how they can help and make your kitchen food preparations or cleanups a whole lot easier.

1. InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Household Garbage Disposer

The Upside

The first best garbage disposal on the list is the InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Household Garbage Disposer. While packed with really useful features, garbage disposal reviews showed that users are more amazed at the fact that it’s really very quiet.

One user said that sometimes, it even gets to be a little too quiet that she would have to remind herself to make sure that’s it’s turned off because having it on actually makes no difference as far as noise is concerned. Such quietness would really be helpful if you have a baby at home as using it would definitely pose no disturbance to his sleep.

The Evolution Excel features a Three-Stage Grind Technology to liquify foods. This means even before your food bits enter the sewage system, they’re suppose to be already virtually liquefied so there’s no fear of any clogs or jams. Well, you’ll be happy to know that this best garbage disposal certainly has certainly proven itself to be powerful.

The garbage disposal reviews tell that it can smoothly process anything from potato peels, carrot peels, banana skin, pineapple skin and head, onion skin to chicken bones and rib bones. One user shared that he placed in two halves of avocado with skin and this disposal literally chewed it up in a matter of seconds.

Another also shared that his Evolution Excel has yet to get stuck and even tried getting it stuck by feeding it bones as fast as he could at full force but the product just kept on going without even slowing down at all.

Thirdly, users stated in their garbage disposal reviews that this best garbage disposal is really easy to install. For most, it took about 45 minutes only and even first timers find it to be quick and breezy.

That’s all thanks to its stainless steel three-bolt Quick Lock sink mount. Say you already have an existing garbage disposer, you can just twist it off and twist on the Evolution Excel.

And fourth, well, it doesn’t hurt that his best garbage disposal looks really good. Shiny and elegant, it comes with a steel drain which is quite crucial if you have a stainless steel sink and you want it to match.

The Downside

While many users say in their garbage disposal reviews that the Evolution Excel grinds food fast, there were some who reported of its slow draining process. One user shared that it’s because the rubber water collar that it comes with doesn’t allow water to flow into the drain fast enough to prevent to from backing up into the sink.

Other users also complained that this product is quite heavy. At 23 pounds, it can be hard to mount when you have to lift it up and fit it into its mounting bracket all while lying down under a sink.

So, while others in their garbage disposal reviews found it easy to install, there were also some who had to ask the assistance of another person in order to install it properly. Another user shared the wise tip of checking your dimensions under the sink first to ensure that it will fit before starting to install it.

That way, you’d save yourself from more problems after.


Overall though, this best garbage disposal with its 4.8 average rating out of 277 customer reviews still comes out tops. So far, 243 users gave it 5 stars, 24 gave it 4 stars, 1 gave it 3 stars, 4 gave it 2 stars and 5 gave it a single star.

You can see the how far the pros outweigh the cons in the garbage disposal reviews and practically all of them agree that while the Evolution Excel is admittedly expensive, it’s every bit worth the price for what benefits and conveniences it can offer.

2. InSinkErator Evolution Pro Essential 3/4 HP Garbage Disposer

The Upside

Second in place to our list of best garbage disposals is the InSinkerator Evolution Pro Essential 3/4 HP Garbage Disposer. This product boasts of features like Sound Seal which makes it at least 40% quieter than other standard disposers and Quiet Collar Sink Baffle, which ensures a quiet operation.

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that its garbage disposal reviews confirm this to be seriously true. One father said that he was aware of how quiet this disposer is supposed to be because he has read the reviews but he was still not quite prepared he experienced it himself. It was literally not making any sound that you won’t even hear it operating if you have the water running.

This Evolution Pro’s Quiet Collar Sink Baffle happens to be antimicrobial too. One couple, in their garbage disposal reviews, said this feature is actually under promoted. They shared that they have been using this best garbage disposal for over a month and there had been absolutely nothing on the baffle’s bottom side.

With their previous disposer, they had to clean it at least once a week and still get a build-up of mold.

Another feature of this best garbage disposal is its Multi Two Grind Stages which allows you to quickly grind difficult food waste, which you otherwise wouldn’t put in a standard disposer like potato peels or celery. A couple, from the garbage disposal reviews, mentioned that their old unit grounded things so coarsely that they always had problems with drain blockage and backups.

With the new Evolution Pro however, these headaches are well in the past because it totally liquefies everything they put down it, corn cobs to potato peels, with no hitches at all.

Installation wise, most users didn’t have any problems with this best garbage disposal because the instructions were clear and easy to understand. Garbage disposal reviews report a needed duration of about thirty to forty minutes and you’re good to go. A wise tip to remember though is if you have a dishwasher, make sure that you clear out the plug as directed in the manual.

Furthermore, pay attention most especially to the directions for the drain assembly with plumbers putty because failure in doing this steps could result to having major water alert underneath your sink.

The Downside

As far as being quiet goes, the Evolution Pro is literally a pro in that area but as per garbage disposal reviews, it tends to be a little too quiet that some of them are actually afraid that they would forget to turn it off because they just don’t hear it.

It could also pose a risk to old timers who don’t hear so well anymore and would promptly forget that they actually have this best garbage disposal turned on.

The second concern raised in garbage disposal reviews is that of the rubber “safety” collar which at times, could get air underneath it. This, in turn, creates a barrier which slows down how fast it’s suppose to operate.

What’s great though is users have discovered a solution for this and it’s just to touch the collar with a fork or knife. This breaks down the barrier and the unit is up and well running again.

Thirdly, as far as garbage disposal reviews concerning installation goes, there are some users who found it to be heavy so they needed assistance of another person or had to pay a plumber to install it.

Others though found a remedy for this issue and you need not spend money for labor anymore because all you need to do is use a car jack to lift it into place and presto, you’d have it installed in no time.


With an average rating of 4.8 from 121 customer reviews, the Evolution Pro definitely falls under best garbage disposal category.

With 101 giving it 5 stars, 17 for 4 stats, 1 for 3 stars, 0 for 2 stars and just 2 for 1 star, it’s plain and obvious to see that the cons mentioned in its garbage disposal reviews are not a major issue to its users because they find it more beneficial and helpful in many ways.

3. Waste King A1SPC Knight Garbage Disposal

The Upside

Garnering the third spot on the best garbage disposal list is the Waste King A1SPC Knight Garbage Disposal. As far as appearance goes, garbage disposal reviews say it looks high quality and impressive because its plastic interior is sleekly designed like that of stainless steel. Stunning and shiny silver, it’s sure to go well if you have a stainless steel sink.

Installation wise, this best garbage disposal was easy breezy. Garbage disposal reviews say the instruction manual was well-written and accurate so it’s pretty basic even for first time doers. If you’re quite lucky, the easiest form of installation would be into an existing fitting.

Do note though that this Waste King model is quite big and heavier so it would be really prudent on your part if you check the measurements underneath your sink for available vertical and horizontal clearance.

Now to the main part of how powerful and effective the Waste King Knight is in its garbage disposal reviews. One mother shared that she likes to put a lot of food down the disposal and while their old one always got plugged and stuck, this best garbage disposal handled it like a champ.And to think such food bits include the likes of beans, oatmeal, noodles, chunks of potato and banana peels, half an apple, celery and yes, even some chunks of bad meat.

Another father said this disposer spins at 2800 RPM and cuts through waste much like a hot knife through butter.

The Waste King Knight features an exclusive Silencer Technology, which has the same material used to make music studios sound-proof. Garbage disposal reviews show this to be true because many users claim that this best garbage disposal is so quiet, you can barely hear it humming and grinding food most especially if your cabinet is closed because it doesn’t vibrate under the sink.

This is especially nice if you someone watching TV while you are doing the dishes because you can carry on with your cleaning chores without disturbing anyone.

The Downside

A concern that customers raised in the garbage disposal reviews is this product’s large size. With a height of 15” and a diameter of almost 9”, you need to ensure that your measurements under the sink are accurate otherwise, you might need to find a piece to adjust the size or even replace with a new sink size.

Note that this can pose a challenge if your kitchen has just been remodeled or has a center plumbed farmhouse type of sink wherein the drain is found over the waste line.

Of course, if a product is big, it also follows that its heavy as is written in the garbage disposal reviews; hence, while installation may be easy for this best garbage disposal, it would be best if you do it with someone to help you hold it in place while you install.

Thirdly, unlike most garbage disposers, the Waste King Knight doesn’t come with a bent Allen wrench and that little hole underneath where you can fit an Allen wrench should you need to free up a disposer that gets clogged. What you have instead is a red reset button on the other side near the unit’s bottom.

If this is a concern, Waste King suggests employing the handle of a wooden spoon to free any jammed blade.


Overall though, with 40 customer reviews and an average rating of 4.8 over 5, the Waste King Knight is still holds a secure position as one of the best garbage disposal brands. And why not? With garbage disposal reviews raving about its remarkable performance, unbeatable warranty and golden silence, users find it to be highly recommendable.

Do note though that its price may on the high side but then again, with the advantages you’re sure to enjoy, you’ll be sure to find it worth the investment.

How to Choose the Best Garbage Disposal

We quite understand what the role of the garbage disposal is but it would be refreshing to know how it works as well. Basically, it pretty much follows the same principle. All best garbage disposals contain a flat plate with small rotating steel mashers as well as an inner disposal wall with “teeth” that does the job of grinding your food waste.

The interior of the unit holds a motor which rotates the flat plate in the food grinding area. Once you switch it on, the mashers are forcibly swung toward the exterior of the spinning plate.

Garbage disposals are usually run for less than 30 seconds which is the duration for which food has been ground up. You need to make sure that you run a full stream of cold water through it while it’s grinding and then another 30 seconds run after you turn it off.

Know the Three Different Types of Garbage Disposals

With its anatomy in mind, the first step to choosing the best garbage disposal is to know what its different types are. That way, you’ll be aware of which type actually works for your kitchen and your daily cleaning routine. Knowing that can already narrow down your choices to which product is actually applicable to you. There are two types to choose from:

  1. Continuous Feed

This type of garbage disposals are used by feeding in waste AFTER you start to run it. You turn on your water faucet, switch on the unit and start pushing food waste down the drain into the grinding area.

Pros: Because it’s quick, easy and intuitive, this type of garbage disposal is more commonly among households.

Cons: As the disposal’s lid is open, it poses some danger for non-waste items to accidentally fall into the unit. This requires retrieval using your hands or a tool, which could cause problems for both distracted adults and little kids.

  1. Batch Feed

This type of garbage disposals are used by placing waste inside the unit BEFORE you start it. First, you need to push the waste into the drain and then the hole is covered with magnetic lid that activates the disposal’s power switch. If you will lift the lid to add more food scraps, the disposal automatically turns off.

Pros – As the disposal’s lid is closed when you’re not adding food bits, it eliminates the risk that’s posed by the Continuous Feed when a foreign object or hand is inside it.

Cons – This admittedly is a slower process but then again, it’s also the safer method.

Know What Factors To Consider in Choosing your Best Garbage Disposal

  1. Determine which Type of Best Garbage Disposal Works Best for You

As mentioned in their description above, each type of best garbage disposal comes with its pros and cons so what you choose is a matter of preference and precaution. Between the three, the most commonly used are actually the continuous feed models because they are more convenient but at the same time, more economical.

Still, there are some who opt for the batch feed because since they turn on only when the cover is on it, there is lesser risk of flying particles or hand injury.

  1. Select the Horsepower Level Most Ideal for Your Best Garbage Disposal

What sets the least and most expensive best garbage disposal is its horsepower. The most basic models have horsepower motors as low as 1/4 while the most powerful ones have 1 horsepower motors. Do note though that the ideal garbage disposal for you isn’t necessarily the one with 1 horsepower because there are other things you need to consider.

First up, if you happen to live with a few people in your house and you don’t work your garbage disposal that hard and often, then having one with a lesser horsepower would be ideal. If you have a larger family, that means you’ll be cooking and using it more so the unit with 1 horsepower would be a prudent choice.

  1. Consider the Noise Level You Can Tolerate with Your Best Garbage Disposal

Well, this is actually not applicable to all because the new models of best garbage disposals are already very quiet. Such quietness though does come with an expensive price so if you don’t have that extra budget to spare, you can select from models that may still be noisy but performs just as effectively.

  1. The Best Garbage Disposal Comes with Stainless Steel Parts

Repairs for garbage disposals occur when a piece of it becomes corroded after being exposed to water and food for a number of years. You can smartly avoid this problem though if you keep in mind that the best garbage disposal is made with stainless steel parts. That’s because stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and those with grinders made of this material can last significantly longer.


And that concludes this buying guide which gives you a comprehensive look at what a garbage disposal is and all there is to know about them from types, factors to consider before buying and garbage disposal reviews to help you in your search for the best garbage disposal.

Getting to the point of choosing the best garbage disposal can be overwhelming especially if you barely have an idea of what a garbage disposal is really all about. A good head start though is to know the types available so from there, you can narrow down your choices and choose only from the type, whether continuous feed or batch feed, that you think would work best for you.

Then, think about the money you can spare for your purchase and cut down the list to those brands that you can afford. After which, from this list, choose which features would best fit your needs, your environment, your lifestyle and your kitchen’s set-up.

Now that you have a pretty narrow list of top choices, you can now check how good or not so good they are in the garbage disposal reviews to see for yourself which of them have cons that are minor enough for you to go ahead and make the purchase.

And on that note, we bid you an enjoyable shopping and here’s to finding the best garbage disposal that you and your family can use for many years to come.